Great Resources To Help You Start a Church

A church is a building where religious services are held. A church is also an organized group of people with the same religious beliefs who gather for important rituals, like a funeral service or a memorial service. Many believers meet in church buildings for in-person services, but they may also opt to attend a house church or a church that rents space in another building, such as a school or community center.

Starting a church involves several steps. Fortunately, there are some excellent resources you can use to help you start your church.

Government Resources


Churches can qualify for tax-exempt status, but they need to follow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines. The IRS provides a PDF document outlining the requirements churches must meet and how to maintain tax-exempt status. Members of the congregation must meet together regularly. Churches must not engage in excessive lobbying, or they can lose their tax-exempt status. The PDF also provides information about additional government resources church leaders can use if they have any account questions.



Religious suppliers, such as, specialize in selling religious products. You can purchase Bibles and hymnals for your congregation to use. You can also obtain curriculum plans for members of all ages. These guides can be used for special activities, such as Vacation Bible School (VBS), or regular activities, such as Sunday School.

Cokesbury also sells regular church supplies, such as advent candles, communion supplies, handbells, clergy robes, wedding supplies, banners, and stationary. Religious suppliers offer a wide assortment of items to choose from, ensuring you’ll find suitable materials for your church gatherings.

Web Developers


Having a professional website is essential, whether you’re running a funeral home, a church, or a café. Your website can provide critical information about your organization, such as your doctrinal statement, the in-person service times, and other gatherings you host. A professional web developer will customize your church website and ensure its content and design reflects your beliefs. Web developers also ensure the site makes it easy to access crucial information.

Online Supports

Whether you’re looking for information on officiating weddings or advice on conducting funeral services at a church, you can use the Internet to access tips. Google searches will produce blogs, articles, and online religious magazines that provide valuable information about weddings and funerals. You can also access support groups for pastors. Whether you’re starting your church in a city or a small, rural town, the Internet makes it possible to network with other ministers. You can benefit from their experience and guidance as you start your church.

The Internet also makes it possible to reach members who may not attend in-person services. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic prompted lockdowns that prevented churches from meeting in person in many parts of the world. Churches were able to host online services accessible through their websites or YouTube to ensure their members could meet for worship. Church groups also used communication platforms, such as Zoom, to interact with other church members and maintain CDC guidelines about social distancing at the same time.

SEO Marketing Experts


Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is one of the most valuable tools any organization can use. SEO marketing focuses on raising a website’s domain rating (DR) score. When people perform Google searches, the sites that feature relevant information and have the highest DR scores are listed first. SEO marketing experts help organizations generate backlinks to their websites. They also provide content with appropriate keywords for your website to ensure it’s included in relevant web searches.

SEO marketing experts can also help you identify site content that will promote visitor engagement. This will reduce your site’s bounce rate, which refers to people visiting your website and leaving immediately. High bounce rates lower your site’s DR score, so promoting engagement with videos, articles, or games is an effective way of raising your DR score.

Insurance Companies

Churches have financial risks that can be mitigated with insurance. Meet with insurance companies to discuss your needs and choose an insurance company that will cover your church needs at an affordable price. Types of insurance your church may need include property insurance, liability coverage, and special event coverage.

Whether you’re starting a church in a large city or a small town, there are many resources you can use to help you navigate the process. Turn to online retailers and government resources for critical materials and information. Experts, such as web developers, SEO marketing professionals, and insurance sales staff, can also help you acquire the resources you need to start your church.