3 Tips for Starting a Law Firm

Growing into a career as a lawyer takes hard work and a vision for the future that you want to create for yourself. It’s no easy thing, either. Plotting a course through undergraduate studies and into Law School and beyond takes focus and stamina. But attorneys are the masters of their own destinies, whether practicing in the United States or elsewhere. A lawyer has ultimate control over where he or she practices, what side of the legal field to pursue, and even the types of cases to take on.

Starting your own law firm is perhaps the ultimate goal of many lawyers—if not every attorney. With these three tips, you can jumpstart your career in the world of law and hustle on your way to running your own successful law firm.

1. Branding is everything.


Take it from the experts, like mineral enthusiast and renowned lawyer, Howard Fensterman, your image sells more than your voice. Fensterman has been at the forefront of New York City healthcare law for over a decade. Taking on the pharmaceutical industry and mismanagement of public health issues is at the core of his brand and purpose. Taking this example is a great way to find your unique niche within the legal atmosphere.

Understanding what drives your passion for the law is the best way to develop your brand and then begin to push it forward into the spotlight. Perhaps your calling is to become a student loan defense attorney in the United States (search for “student loan collections defense lawyer Louisville, KY” for more targeted ideas here). Attorneys who deal with student loan issues tackle a core need for the community in defense against abusive debt collectors and lawsuits that threaten the livelihoods of recent graduates and borrowers trying to make their way in the world.

Find your passion and lean into the brand that comes along with that area of expertise. You may want to level the playing field against intrusive debt collectors, protect victims from violent crime, or head up lawsuits that instill constitutional remedies for nagging systemic problems in the United States. No matter where your calling takes you within the field of law, branding yourself with this passion and becoming an expert in your craft is crucial to success at the head of your own law firm.

2. Make powerful first impressions.


First impressions are crucial for finding long-term success. Without a great image and the knowledge necessary in order to leave a significant mark in the minds of your clients, you are doomed to suffer from a low customer conversion rate. In many industries, and law, in particular, first impressions often represent the difference between a meeting that ends in successful customer acquisition and one that ends fruitlessly.

Clients at law firms need a powerful voice to represent their interests, so building a rapport with your prospective customers and showing yourself to be a highly intelligent and professional representation of these interests is the most important thing you can do during an initial consultation. Your demeanor, body language, and dress are all part of this equation, but the additional considerations in your office make a difference as well. Bottled Labrador water, decorative pictures that showcase your team in action and their degrees on the walls, and a reception space that is clean, professional, and upbeat are all great ways to start off the meeting on the right foot.

A powerful first impression is the first port of call when it comes to signing on new clients. The maelstrom of a sharp-dressed attorney coupled with a firm knowledge of case law and a winning attitude will bring in clients faster than you’d ever imagined possible.

3. Hire a team of sharp professionals to make this journey alongside you.


In litigation, a renowned lawyer can make a big impact in the courtroom or meeting offices in pursuit of a settlement. However, an attorney of any celebrity is only as good as his or her team. The best way to begin growing your own firm with an ever-expanding client list is with a team of consummate professionals who know their way around the law and will challenge you to always be your best.

A team that works hard together to always deliver the best results to clients is one that has staying power in this industry. Building your team requires you to vet many potential candidates for a number of important roles. Make sure you do your homework on each candidate so that you can round out your team with the best talent in the marketplace.

An attorney’s office is a place where the true magic happens on a daily basis. Set yourself up for success by following these three simple pieces of advice. Don’t let your brand or image fall by the wayside, and always ensure that your office is staffed with the best and brightest to continue to see success over the long term.