3 Reasons Popular Supplement Brands Have Strong Legal Teams

Selling supplements is now a profitable business idea that can fetch entrepreneurs significant profits. Supplements exist for a whole host of health reasons, including managing hair loss, weight loss, sexual performance, coping with stress, and maintaining overall health.

However, these business ventures aren’t without their fair share of controversies, and so it’s common to see these companies partnering with some of the best lawyers around. Many people wonder why these supplement brands always have top legal teams on standby, and we’re here to provide some insight into this. Below are three reasons why famous supplement brands have powerful lawyers.

Prevent potential misleading marketing and advertising claims.


One primary reason why supplement businesses have great legal teams is to avoid making misleading advertising and marketing claims. The FTC is particular about structure-function claims (statements addressing how products affect the body), such as in the case of products touted as cancer repressing or weight-loss inducing. Supplement brands can be held responsible if these claims are found to be deceptive. Therefore, an excellent legal team is needed to audit your marketing claims, primarily if they include any structure-function claims. In this way, supplement companies avoid any lawsuits and huge fines attracted by deceptive marketing. Several supplement brands use attorneys to audit their marketing and advertising claims. Trusted supplement providers such as Leading Edge Health are examples of such brands.

Leading Edge Health is the manufacturer of TestRX; a natural supplement formulated to increase male athletic potential, strength, and virility. This testosterone booster supplement’s key ingredients include fenugreek and D-Aspartic acid, with other ingredients like Vitamin K2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, magnesium, and zinc. As men age, natural testosterone levels in the body begin to decline, leading to muscle mass loss, increased body fat, and low sex drive. TestRX increases energy levels, helps you build lean muscle mass, fights low testosterone, and helps with erectile dysfunction. What’s more, it’s safe, all-natural, and you enjoy a money-back guarantee within sixty-seven days of delivery for a complete refund. That being said, it’s always a good idea to discuss any natural supplement with your doctor before taking it.

Ensure their compliance with FDA and DSHEA regulations.

Although the supplement industry is a loosely regulated one, the FDA and the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) still exist to regulate some aspects of dietary supplement marketing. Ingredients, safety information, vital instructions such as dosage levels, and others are critical areas where supplement brands must comply. For example, the list of banned ingredients keeps growing daily, so supplement enterprises need to follow FDA rulings to remain compliant. Attorneys act as regulatory watchdogs, alerting these companies of upcoming changes and helping them optimize their business models accordingly. Great lawyers are invaluable for this and several other legal requirements. Respected attorneys such as Malliha Wilson are examples of such lawyers.

Malliha Wilson is a Tamil Canadian lawyer who was the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Ontario Government from April 2008 to November 2016. She’s a McGill University alumnus and completed her law degree at York University, in Toronto. She has extensive public service experience, serving as the Senior Appellate Litigation Counsel with the Ontario administration for over 30 years. Malliha Wilson also served as the Special Legal Advisor at the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO). She has participated in more than 20 noteworthy cases at the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Presently, Malliha Wilson works as a senior partner for Nava Wilson LLP, specializing in constitutional, human rights, corporate, indigenous, labor law, and other complex litigation.



Besides learning how to run an effective business, supplement brands are also concerned with litigation and how to navigate it best. Product liability litigation is relatively common in the supplement industry, and the best brands in the sector hire great attorneys in anticipation of this. Consumers usually file personal injury claims, where they allege that they’ve suffered adverse health effects by taking supplements made by particular companies. Allegations made against deceptive labeling are also common, with consumers pursuing fair compensation for supposedly being deceived. Therefore, famous supplement brands like Herbalife prepare for potential lawsuits by having great legal teams to see them through court cases if need be.

Supplement brands have strong legal teams for various reasons. The points above are three common examples of why popular supplement companies hire great lawyers as part of their business operations.