The Best Resources Canada Has To Offer

As the world’s second-largest landmass, who wouldn’t expect Canada to offer some truly fantastic resources? This country isn’t just offering room to breathe, though. Canada has unique resources like universal health care, respected banks, and more.

If you’ve ever been curious about visiting or even moving to maple country, you should get familiar with the best resources Canada has to offer. In this article, we’ll explore some of these fantastic resources so you can learn a little bit more about our neighbors to the north.

Canada offers a history of political stability.


Canada has had a stable, diverse government providing solutions and leadership that Canadians have been happy with for quite some time. For example, Malliha Wilson, a Tamil Canadian lawyer, served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Government of Ontario from April 2008 to November 2016. She was the first visible minority to hold that office and has become an inspiration for aspiring human rights activists.

This country takes its leadership roles seriously and strives to provide a country that Canadians can be proud to call home.

Canada offers a diverse financial market for potential investors.

Canada offers a rich market for investors to trade. For example, the number of Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) in Canada continues to grow with each passing year. As a result, investors have a much more comprehensive selection to choose from than other places worldwide.

Indeed, the dividend ETFs in Canada share some similarities due to the Canadian stock markets being heavily influenced by the financial and energy sectors. However, they’re not all the same. So, if you’re looking to jump into Canada’s financial market, consider doing some research on the best dividend ETF in Canada before you take the leap.

Canada offers a strong employment market.

Aside from the natural beauty Canada offers, it also boasts a great job market. Moreover, Canada has one of the strongest economies globally, voted the most stable in the world for seven consecutive years by the World Economic Forum. As a result, it has a vast array of career options for anyone. These factors allow Canada to offer an excellent quality of life for its residents, the second-highest standard of living of the G20 nations.

Canada offers universal health care.


Canada offers one of the fairest, most accessible health care systems in the world. Medical treatment is funded by government taxes and is mostly free at the point of use. Each Canadian province is given a health budget to distribute locally and issue health cards to all eligible residents. Despite some procedures having a long wait time, it’s a small price to pay for mostly free access to some of the best medical personnel, facilities, and treatments around.

Canada offers an excellent education system.

Canada has long valued education and strives to ensure all young residents have access to the best education available, regardless of their background. Canada’s government spends more per capita on education than any other country in the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise Canadian children perform so well academically and stay in education longer than children from most other countries. So, if you’re looking for an excellent place to raise an educated family, Canada may be the place to do it.

Canada offers safety and security.

Canada has a remarkably low crime rate. Its cities and rural areas are considered some of the safest in the world. Violent crime is significantly rare compared to most other countries. In fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Better Life Index awarded Canada a 9.7 out of 10 for safety and security in 2014.