Simple Installations That Make Your Home Cooler

With the summer months arriving, many people are stepping out of their homes. As restrictions for COVID-19 are lifted, many families are hitting the roads on vacation. Couples are taking weekend jaunts to favorite getaway spots while others are attempting to travel to international locales in order to stretch their travel legs a bit.

Other people though want to have a bit more fun closer to home. They want to be able to still enjoy a summer BBQ or fun with the family from the comfort of their homes. Even in light of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted on a regular basis, some people are just homebodies, even during the summer months. When people decide to enjoy summer at home, they want to find the best way to keep their homes cool. Today we’ll focus on simple installations which can keep your house cold during the hot summer.



When trying to find the best ways to make your home cooler with simple installations, one of your best options is going to be fans. Whether it’s a ceiling fan, a standing standard fan, or even a personal fan, these are cheap and inexpensive ways to make your home cooler.

Let’s begin with ceiling fans for your home. One of the many reasons why you should install ceiling fans includes financial savings. The savings which you’ll encounter when you have a ceiling fan installation completed will help you to save money. Ceiling fans help to move air around, drawing in cooler air from one side of your house, while pushing warmer air away. In the case of a ceiling fan, the ceiling fan blades are helping to do this for an entire room. Lastly, ceiling fan installation isn’t time-consuming.

Standing standard fans are also pretty helpful when it comes to lowering the temperature of your home in a cost-effective way. Many people have old fans like these just sitting around their house, in a guest bedroom, or maybe somewhere in storage. These standard fans are cheap and you don’t need a professional electrician to help with the installation of such devices.

Fans such as these also use less energy than an air conditioner unit and can be moved from room to room. You can place such fans in a guest room, bedroom, living room, and even the kitchen. Ceiling fans and standing fans can help to cool your house without increasing your costs.

Heavy Curtains

Heavy curtains also help to lower the temperatures after a simple installation. Approximately 76 percent of the sunlight that enters your house through windows, is turned into heat. Though ceiling fans in your house help to deal with the sunlight which has already traveled into your home, a heavy curtain can help to cut off the entrance of this hot weather. Medium-covered drapes with plastic backing are a great way to lower your home’s inside heat. In other cases, some people decide to purchase blackout curtains to also help keep the outside heat at bay.

These curtains help to act as a strong barrier between the house and the room. Thermal curtains can help reduce light up to about 90 percent and help to insulate against any heat. The best types of thermal curtains which can help keep your home cool include those that are two layers are triple-woven fabric and contain blackout technology. Any sort of heavy curtain will help you to cool your house and save money.

Door Insulation


Another installation method that you can use to make your home cooler is to insulate your doors properly. Let’s say you have gaps in the bottom of your door, There’s a good chance that the heat you’re trying to deal with via a ceiling fan is coming into your house through there. At points like this, it helps to invest in some sort of installation for your doors.

A great way to tackle this is to purchase weather strips and install them on the parts where you are seeing doorway gaps. This an even cheaper option than a ceiling fan installation, and will ensure that cold air will stay in your house.