How Mergers Work For Trucking Companies

One of COVID-19’s significant effects on the U.S transport sector is undoubtedly the consolidation of the trucking industry, as many trucking companies are partnering with their competitors for various reasons. Primarily, these companies merge with others to pool resources together and withstand the harsh economic climate. This way, they can continue their operations and even expand into new markets later on.

The effect of this strategic combination is a new company that’s more valuable, operationally, and financially stronger than the two previously separate businesses on their own. Below are some insights into how mergers work for trucking companies.

Broad Planning


General planning is vital to merging plans in the trucking industry, so trucking companies typically kickstart their merging efforts this way. At this phase, employees, resources, assets, and physical space are critical factors considered when planning the merger. Also, the highest-ranking officials from both enterprises meet with one another to discuss tentative plans for the merger. During this period, proper communication is crucial to the entire transition’s success.

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Detailed Planning

The next step in the merging process is a more detailed planning phase where the two trucking companies break down each of their big-picture plans into smaller and more detailed components. At this stage, vital, qualified personnel or teams are assigned specific projects to ensure the merger’s overall success. For example, if service expansion is a priority of the merger, forming a recruitment team to hire the industry’s best drivers is undoubtedly necessary at this stage. However, great recruitment platforms can also help you find the trucking drivers for your company. Efficient driver recruitment solutions such as FATj are good examples of such platforms.

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After building detailed plans for each aspect of their merger, the merging companies then execute their strategies to bring their merger to life. At this stage, teams are already in place to act on the various plans decided on cooperatively, implementing each agreed-upon strategy to the latter. Also, if you’re entering into a SPAC merger, it’s essential to know the complete details of your new business partnership and what you must do to make it a reality. Notable accounting and consulting firms such as Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP (Marcum BP) can offer great insights and services related to SPAC mergers.

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Mergers are now prevalent in the trucking industry for various good reasons. The points above are some key insights into how mergers work for these trucking companies.