SEO Tips for Promoting Your Law Firm

Legal practice is a fascinating field of work. Lawyers train for years in order to hone their craft, and then nearly every attorney in the marketplace dreams of one day starting their own firm. For many, this is a calling that can only be satisfied by the success of a self-driven venture. Legal work is a challenge that provides new and interesting opportunities on a daily basis, and one of those hurdles lies in an aspect of the business planning that is a departure from the day-to-day legal issues that attorneys face.

Branding and marketing processes are crucial components in driving success for any law firm. Without these features, a firm can’t expect to bring in any new clients. Just like any other business out there, a law firm has to bring clients through the door in order to remain viable. With Search marketing and other SEO tactics, businesses in this space are gaining greater traction and learning to leverage more traditional business elements into a very unique corporate space in the U.S. and global industrial market. Search marketing is a cornerstone element in this process, and building SEO penetration through the use of Google, Bing, or other alternative search engine options provides a firm foundation for continued growth.

Search marketing lies at the heart of SEO deliverables.


Lawyers like Malliha Wilson know that running a law firm takes hard work and additional points of focus that lie far afield from the actual legal tasks that attorneys engage in every day. Wilson is the managing partner at her own law firm, Nava Wilson LLP, and as a result, must work tirelessly to engage in the business management tasks that come along with any business entity. Driving client conversions through the intelligent use of social media, PPC campaigns, and search engine marketing practices are all key resources for businesses in this field, no matter their size. This is often a challenging aspect of the management of your brand. Malliha Wilson is no stranger to hard work though; she served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Government of Ontario from 2008 to 2016 and has argued landmark legislation before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Consider an SEO firm to do the heavy lifting for you.


For many, the implementation of a marketing calendar and SEO plan can take away from the tasks that your team must remain focused on in order to provide a high-quality product to your clients. There’s a balance that must be struck for any business between the acquisition of new clients and the services and solutions provided to those who have already bought into the brand. With an SEO professional on your side, managing this balance is far easier than ever before. Outsourcing these tasks to a professional firm that can handle everything from the background keyword research to the actual content creation and rollout processes is simple and highly effective.

A third-party SEO firm is a key ally for any brand that isn’t naturally focused on digital media and content creation. Lawyers train for many years in order to focus intensely on building strong arguments for the courtroom or deposition chamber. They are not focused on creating layers of content that show off these prized skills. This is where creators come in to play.

A quality SEO firm will work with you to understand your business, and then go about the tasks required to develop hard-hitting content that will drive your search engine rankings skyward. Greater visibility begets higher-quality opportunities to excel, and this is exactly what SEO practices will do for your law firm.