Quick Facts About 3 Different Types of Law

The law is a broad and ever-expanding field. While the law is typically broken down between civil law and criminal law, there are seemingly endless fields of law within those categories. Civil law can range from various topics, including business law, family law, estate planning, and so forth. On the other hand, criminal law consists of issues regarding homicide, rape, robbery, and more. Each of these types of law often contains many subsets of other types of law as well.

It’s also common for many attorneys, like Malliha Wilson, to practice in multiple legal fields over the course of their careers. If you believe you need to file a lawsuit, an important first step in the process is understanding different types of law to find the best law firm and attorney suited for your case.

1. Personal Injury


Many personal injury lawsuits arise from car accident claims, often resulting from a collision caused by a negligent driver. Such negligence can consist of drunk driving, failure to abide by a stop sign, or driving over the speed limit. Since car accident cases involving negligence typically cause serious injuries to the victims, it’s in the best interest of car accident victims to hire the best car accident lawyer in their area to ensure not only fair compensation but maximum compensation. Accident victims should immediately begin to seek legal advice from a car accident attorney soon after their accident, as it’s the best way to guarantee a successful outcome.

Since an auto accident usually results in catastrophic injuries, property damage, and high medical bills, having a top personal injury lawyer will guarantee a settlement offer that provides fair compensation to cover medical treatment, insurance claims, loss of a normal life, and other financial compensation that has been incurred as a result of the car crash and legal process.

While auto accidents are a common cause of personal injury lawsuits, they’re not the only type of accident cases within this field of law. Typically any accident caused by negligence is sufficient to file a personal injury claim. Despite the different causes of accidents and levels of injuries, an experienced attorney in the personal injury field will always request a client’s medical records and information surrounding the accident scene, so if you’re filing a personal injury claim, it’s important to have this information ready if possible. Whether you’re looking for accident attorneys in Chicago or another city, a personal injury case will essentially always follow similar standards.

2. Labour Law


For anyone looking to take legal action due to labor law issues, it’s a good idea to retain an attorney with decades of experience and exceptional legal service skills, such as Assistant Deputy Attorney General Wilson. Labour law consists of issues between employees and employers, such as conduct within the workplace and financial negotiations.

More specific issues within this field can consist of unfair employment wages or sexual misconduct within the workplace. This type of legal action is often resolved through complex litigation and mediation through the civil court to ensure that the party filing the lawsuit receives a fair settlement for any economic damages that the involved parties have endured.

3. Human Rights


Human rights law is an extensive field with an overarching agenda. This field typically consists of fighting for the universality of human rights, which are legal rights beyond one particular government or culture. This field ensures the equality of everyone, regardless of their gender, wealth status, etc. If you’re looking for legal advice regarding personal rights, Assistant Deputy Attorney General Wilson offers some of the best legal representation for anyone fighting for their human rights.